• Another trip to London!
    Wow! I can't believe I found this at Mike's studio! Beatles gold disc, signed!!

    Flying back to London again! More recording sessions coming up 🙂 small glimpse below 😀

  • Bratislava Trip
    Being Silly in Bratislava :) John Karayiannis - Eurovision Cyprus Representative 2015

    Hi guys! So I flew to Bratislava a few days ago to record “One Thing I Should Have Done” with a big ,live orchestra! Curious to see how it was? See below a few pictures from my trip 😉

  • 5 minutes with John Karayiannis (Q&A)

    Hey guys, check the video below to learn more about myself including how I got into music, my dream collaboration, and the song I am embarrassed to admit I have on my mp3 player 😀


  • “One Thing I Should Have Done” (Eurovision Song Project Entry)

    hi guys, this is my Video for my original song “One Thing I Should Have Done”! If you want me to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest please show your love and support by voting for me: 900-318-05

  • Say Something – John Karayiannis & Nicole (Nikki Lee)
    Say Something - John-Nicole Cover

    Well here’s my last surprise before Eurovision Song Project Top10 on Friday. I asked my friend Nikki Lee Official if she’d like to duet with me on “SAY SOMETHING”…

  • “DANGEROUS” Cover (originally by David Guetta)
    John Karayiannis - "DANGEROUS" Cover (originally by David Guetta)

    WOW guys, 1000+ likes!! As a thank you, I have decided to release early my cover for “DANGEROUS” by DAVID GUETTA! hope you enjoy it!! Like & Share :)) #music #covers #davidguetta #musicvideo

  • Heyyy everyone so happy I made it to the top10 of Eurovision Song Project!
    John Karayiannis

    ‪#‎eurovisioncy‬ ‪#‎eurovisioncyprus‬ ‪#‎eurovisionptoject‬ ‪#‎eurovision‬

  • One Direction – “Night Changes” (John Karayiannis cover)

    SURPRISE #2! ..sooo.. I had a request to cover a song by One Direction! Enjoy below my take on “Night Changes”! Like and share if you like it 🙂

  • “All Of Me” cover (originally by John Legend)

    ok, here’s my first SURPRISE for you guys 🙂
    My cover of “All Of Me” by John Legend. Like & Share if you like it 🙂 🙂

  • John makes Final 20 – Full Audition Here

    John made the Final 20 of the Cyprus Eurovision project last night with his song “One Thing I Should Have Done”.

    Watch his full audition with judges’ comments

  • John makes Final 20 – Performance Clip

    John made the Final 20 of the Cyprus Eurovision project last night with his song “One Thing I Should Have Done”.

    Click here to see the short clip

  • Thinking Out Loud – John Karayiannis

    Hi guys – only a few days to my audition on the Cyprus Eurovision Project, so I thought I’d share another song with you.

    The best song from 2014! Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

    Hope you like it!

  • When You Wish Upon A Star – John Karayiannis

    Merry Christmas from me!
    When You Wish Upon A Star by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington © Bourne Co.
    Arrangement by Connaris/MacLennan Recording © Mcasso

  • Τα λόγια που πήραν φωτιά – John Karayiannis

    This was my first TV appearance when I was 13!

    I came 3rd in the Cyprus Junior Eurovision National Final. Funny watching this now!

  • Pranked!

    Mike pranks me. But I got him back a few days later. So score is 1-1 !

  • Watch John’s audition on the Cyprus Eurovision Project

    Tune in to watch John’s audition on the Cyprus Eurovision Project (Audition 4) on Sunday Dec 28th (21.05 Cyprus, 20.05 CET, 19.05 GMT). Click for full details.

    His Eurovision entry is the song, “One Thing I Should Have Done“,

  • Can’t Hurry Love – John Karayiannis

    John’s live version of the Supreme’s classic Can’t Hurry Love with arrangement by Dave Reynaud of Mcasso.

  • Cyprus Eurovision Project
    john karayiannis

    I have entered the Cyprus Eurovision Project with a song called “One Thing I Should Have Done” composed by Mike Connaris.

    You can watch me perform it for the first time on Sunday Dec 28th (Audition